2023 Pez

2023 Pez

Pez USA has kicked off the new year strong with the all new Sprinkles PEZ donut! It's the latest treat added and a fantastic compliment the four existing treats: Pizza, Burger, Taco, and Cupcake.

Pez USA also released three new PEZ for Gabby's Dollhouse: Mercat, Cakey Cat, and Pandy Paws!

PEZ USA Gabby's Dollhouse Mercat
PEZ USA Gabby's Dollhouse Cakey Cat
PEZ USA Gabby's Dollhouse Pandy Paws

The Euro Peppa Pig PEZ are also available now in the US! Peppa Pig with a hearts stem, Peppa Pig with a Teddy Bear Steam, and George with a Dino Stem!

Will you be picking these up? What are you most looking forward to adding to your collection in 2023?